What Is Suit Us

     Walaupun di rumah we should keep in style, so this site not only for us to apply at out door side but we as a Muslimah should keep in style even though we keep our aurat(aurat – is the part of body that Muslim should cover from non-mahram that the person we can be married) ok. So it doesn’t mean we can show off our aurat when we talk about it, it’s only a guideline for us to have dress that suit us even at home or outdoor. Jangan salah faham ya, Apa pun menutup aurat itu wajib dan Membukanya kepada bukan mahram adalah berdosa hukumnya. Memandangkan rujukan saya adalah dari penulis buku non muslim dan limitasi saya dalam penguasaan bidang ini mungkin ada yang tidak sesuai untuk kita sebagai Muslim yang perlu menjaga auratnya. Saya harap anda tidak menerima apa yang saya tulis secara bulat-bulat. Gunalah kebijaksanaan dan kreativiti anda dalam mengaplikasi panduan ini dan itulah yang KJ buat bila menggunakan buku ini. KJ tak nak turut mendapat saham jika anda membuka aurat pada khalayak, Niat KJ hanyalah melihat anda keep in style walaupun kita menutup aurat jadi jangan lagi mencari alasan untuk tidak menutup aurat kerana takut tidak dapat bergaya atau tidak bergaya kerana menutup aurat.           Looking stylish is as much about knowing what not to wear as it is knowing what suits us. It is about being honest and coming to terms with the fact that some parts of our body aren’t great and understand that certain clothing only serves to exacerbate these problem areas. So many of us trundle through life not making the most of ourselves because we are lacking in self confidence, convinced that clothes don’t matter or have no idea where to begin. But the more we know about our body the easier it is to look great. Unfortunately, for a lot of us there are many hurdled to jump before we reach that stage and we incorrectly believe the notion of becoming stylish is a feat way beyond our grasp. We roll our experience in comforting excuses – there’s the kid, the overdraft, no time nor inclination. Clothes are immaterial, because we can rely on our fabulous personality and our partner is blind to us looking like a tramp because he loves us just the way we are. At the end of the day this is bollocks. We believe there isn’t a single of us who doesn’t want to improve the way we look. Even if we assume we have the style of a goddess, we had probably like to trade in our tits for a pair that defy gravity, and if we have got the tits, we had no doubt consider our butt to large to even contemplate displaying its cheeks in a tight pair of trousers. We believe diet, money and surgery are the answer but we’re too greedy to do the first, will never make the second and therefore can’t pay for the third. If we can, how ever, accomplish all these, fantastic, but then of course we next apology is supposing we have to be fashionable to be stylish and if we are too old, to young, too thin, too fat, tall or short it’s not possible. But looking stylish is not about following fashion, losing weight, being rich or succumbing to the knife. It’s about dressing that suited to our shape and color that match to our style. Style isn’t something you are born with, but something anyone of us can learn. Praise to Allah for the body, be creative in tactics to make it look perfect beside that keep it healthy always. As a Muslim keep remember what Muslim female could and couldn’t show about her body “sesungguhnya yang membezakan muslimah and non muslimah adalah pakaian mereka”. At the end of the day the way we look can influence so much in our lives. Looking stylo make us feel good. Looking professional help us get that job. How ever we need to get the shape right. This is our secret weapon, and remember it’s not so much about the tips you’ve be given but more about the mistakes we have stopped making. As long as u stick to the rules u can forget what’s in fashion. so for big tits, not tits, big bum, big arm, no waist and so on you can refer this site ok…have a nice day … 🙂 

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