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 The 25 most popular RealAge Tips

You’ve heard about the Mediterranean diet. Now try the Viking diet. Recent research suggests that it, too, could help you live a much longer life. More

Orange juice isn’t the only beverage you can grab when you want to help your immune system fight off illness and infection. More

Imagine slashing your risk of lung cancer — no matter what your health history — by 50 percent. And here’s the bean that may help you do it: chickpeas. More

Constant clamor from traffic, industry, construction, and more can take a serious toll on your heart health. But here’s a quick $2 fix: earplugs. More

Move the alarm ahead 1 hour on your bedside clock. Research shows that just 1 additional hour of sleep may be all you need to help reduce high blood pressure risk. More

Here’s one of the best ways to satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping your blood pressure in check: Take a nibble of dark chocolate. More

You could cut your mortality risk dramatically if you just did this for 30 minutes: walk. More

Your immune system is responsible for helping fight off everything from the common cold to cancer. A tall order! More

Pureed into soup, boiled, or grilled, this is one spring veggie you can’t afford to forget about: artichokes. More

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just sprinkle something on your food to help you lose weight? Research suggests these fiery flakes might fit the bill: crushed red pepper. More

It’s warm, it’s fresh tasting, and it’s great with a little lemon and honey. And your lungs love it. It’s green tea. More

Few things plant the waist-widening TV remote more firmly in our hands than the need to destress. But here’s a healthier way to let go of it all: Just breathe deeply. More

If you want to eat healthier, just picture yourself doing this: eating healthier! More

Cream of Wheat, or oatmeal for breakfast? If you want to drop your blood pressure, go for the oats. More

A bowl of salted nuts isn’t the only way to get your nut nutrition. So think outside the peanut bowl and try baking with this: pecan flour. More

If you want to keep your ears working well enough to hear a pin drop, consider popping this mineral: magnesium. More

You can give your body a little fat-burning advantage by including items like these in your morning meal: eggs, yogurt, and whole-grain cereal. More

When you overdo it and down a day’s calories in one sitting, your body’s inflammatory processes go into overdrive. But here’s a way you might counter it: Drink orange juice. More

You just might live longer if you satisfy your sweet tooth with this chewy, gooey treat: figs. More

The key to not overeating at lunch is to choose carefully at breakfast. And here’s a beverage choice that may help: skim milk. More

There’s a sweet, super-smart snack that could help you feel fuller, so you’d eat less at mealtimes and fit into your jeans better. More

Next time you load your plate with mac and cheese and eat the whole thing, here’s what you should do next: Grab a couple of handfuls of strawberries. More

Go ahead, have that cup of coffee. Turns out a morning cup of joe could cut your risk of stroke. More

Potatoes sometimes get a bad health rap. But new research shows that certain varieties may help quiet inflammatory processes that set the stage for disease. More

When your blood pressure (BP) creeps up, help knock it down with this simple change in diet. More
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